2005 Hottest Year “on record”?

OK, here’s today’s overwhelming headline:

2005 Was the Hottest Year on Record

And, here’s the meat:

Gulthek writes As predicted, 2005 was the hottest year since accurate temperature recording began in the late 1800s. This news is all the more interesting because 2005 was not an “El Niño” year like 1998, the previous record holder.”

Of course they give all kinds of charts and graphs to support the “as predicted”:


However, note the “since accurate temperature recording began in the late 1800’s” part.  What that does is eliminate periods of the Earth when this was the norm:

Now, in those days, the average atmospheric temperatures were about 18 to 54 degrees warmer than they are now.  And, there is no evidence whatsoever that El Nino’s existed at all at that time.  Most likely they didn’t.  That was 251 million years ago.  Now, the point I’m getting at is although “accurate temperature recording began in the late 1800’s” things have warmed up, the period of time between the late 1800’s and now is totally an insignificant period of time in regards to the Earth’s history.  Think about this way, I have graphed the relative amount of data the we have to work with (post 1800’s), against the data we’re not allowing to be “reliable”.  The “reliable” data is in red:

I couldn’t make the red part any smaller or it was impossible to see.  In fact, most of you won’t even see the red, it’s off the screen.  It’s certainly an insignificant period of time to come to the radical conclusions global warming activists are coming to in order to “save the planet”.

Now, about 251 million years ago, things got pretty bad here on Earth.  But, you know what?  The planet kept right on going. The question is not whether we’re destroying Earth or not.  Earth will keep on keeping on.  The question is how will Man survive in changing environments.  And, whether we burn gasoline or hydrogen, the environment WILL change.  Don’t tell me the sky’s falling because of that changing environment.  Tell me how I can survive.